6 Brilliant Eyeliner Ideas You Must Explore

Eyeliner can add a whole new level of drama to your makeup and overall getup. What is your preferred eyeliner style? A dash of a line on the upper eyelid and you’re done? There are countless eyeliner ideas, each one fancier and better than the other. You’d be spoiled for choice once you get to know them all.
To save you the time and the hassle of hunting them out, we’ve got six incredible trendy eyeliner styles that you can try this season. Some are easy and quick, while some might need a little time and practice, but believe us when we say these will make heads turn.
Are you ready to learn how to rock those gorgeous eyes?

6 Incredible Eyeliner Styles
#1 Golden Underline

Did someone say the eyeliner has to be applied just to the top part of your eye? Try this radical look the next time you’re heading out with the girls or for a special evening function.
Getting the look:
1. Pick your favourite golden or bronze eyeliner pencil.
2. Carefully draw a thin line along the bottom lash.
3. Using your finger or the smallest eye shadow brush smudge the line downwards.
4. Don't press too hard or the colour could come off.
5. Complement the look with jewellery that matches the colour. 
Pro-Tip: For the colour of the eyeliner pencil to come out well, you could use a good BB cream that will even out your skin tone

#2 Spaced Lines

If you don’t want to go too far from your usual single stroke, you can try the double spaced line look.
Getting the look:
1. Start by applying your usual thin stroke of eyeliner on the upper eyelid
2. Now, carefully create a line of the same thickness along the bottom eyelid.
3. Take care the two don’t meet in the corner on either side.
4. This unusual look also gives your eyes a more open and wider look.

#3 Thick Underline

Another of our favorite eyeliner styles this season is the underline.
Getting the look:
1. Using your darkest shade of black trace a thick line along your bottom eyelid.
2. Don't allow the line to waver or smudge even the tiniest bit.
3. Keep the rest of your face bare and clean, with perhaps just a hint of a clean lip gloss.
4. Get ready to turn heads with this unconventional eyeliner style.

#4 Retro Double Wing

Bring back the 60s with this double flick eyeliner style. This is similar to the full cat eye but with a twist.
Getting the look:
1. Start from the inner corner of your upper eyelids and trace the liner along your lash line.
2. Extend it into the outer corner beyond your eye, thickening the line as you go. (you can go as far as you wish).
3. Do the same to the bottom eyelid, taking care to not let the lines meet.
4. After the liner dries, separate the two with a thin line of white eyeliner.

#5 Floating Eyeliner

If you have small eyelids (monolids), you know that creating the perfect cat eyeliner is nearly impossible. Before you despair, hear us out. We’ve got the perfect answer to your dilemma.
Getting the look:
1. Keep your eyes open
2. Trace the floating eyeliner much higher than along your lash line.
3. Unless you close your eyes for a long time, no one will realise that the line is at the top of your eye.
4. You can even create the cat eye with a sharp wing using this trick.
5. Simply draw a thin line as detailed above.
6. Create just a part of the wing that will be seen when the eyes are open.

#6 Fishtail Eyeliner

One of the trendiest eyeliner styles, this is a bold and very cool way to do up your eyes.
Getting the look:
1. Stick to traditional colors as the style itself is provocative enough.
2. Draw a thick line if you want to create drama. A thinner line is a more subtle approach and works well for day time.
3. First draw a cat eye line on the upper lid. Extend the line to as much as you wish to.
4. Replicate the same line along the bottom eyelid, making sure the line extends downwards.
Try these eyeliner styles the next time you’re heading out with your friends. You’re sure to get some appreciative raised eyebrows.