10 Natural Ways For Eyebrow Tinting & Dyeing

1. The Lemon Method

Lemons are known for their lightening properties, which work on both, skin and hair fairly well. In order to lighten your eyebrows, just squeeze the juice of one lemon and paint it on your brows with the help of a paintbrush. This will make your eyebrows a shade lighter however, if you are looking for a more drastic change, you should sit in the sun applying the lemon as it further activates its bleaching properties.

2. The Raw Honey Method

Honey also has lightening properties. Applying a layer of honey to your eyebrows and then allowing it to dry naturally can also help lighten them. This is because honey has small amounts of hydrogen peroxide.
3. The Henna Method
Henna has been used as a natural dye for eons now. Apply some oil to your eyebrows so that you don’t end up staining your skin. Use a mascara wand to apply the henna and leave it on for 20 minutes. While the effects don’t last that long, it’s certainly a safer method than using bleach.

4. The Tomato Juice Method

Slice a tomato thickly and let it rest over your eyebrows. If you have especially dark eyebrows, you have to do this 2-3 times to be able to see results.

5. The Papaya and Milk Mask Method

Mash a few slices of papaya and add some milk to it to create a thick paste. Apply it on your eyebrows and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

6. The Gram Flour and Curd Mask Method

Mix curd and gram flour together to create a paste. Apply it on your eyebrows and it let dry naturally. Do this at least twice a week for noticeable results.

7. The Orange and Lemon Method

Mix the juice of one lemon with half a cup of orange peel powder. Apply this on your eyebrows and watch them lighten in no time. This method will also give your skin a radiant glow so you can use it as more than just an eyebrow bleach and lighten all your facial hair as well.

8. The Papaya and Turmeric Method

Mash a few slices of papaya and add two teaspoons of turmeric powder. Mix well until you have a nice, thick paste. Apply this on your eyebrows once a week to lighten them.

9. The Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Method

Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the juice of one lemon. Apply this on your eyebrows and go soak up the sun.

10. The Flour and Water Method

Mix regular wheat flour with water and apply it on your eyebrows. This method takes a while longer to show results than others.
So, ladies, if you’re wondering how to dye eyebrows in a way that’s totally safe and free of side effects, look no further!

Pro-Tip: Not just dyeing your eyebrows, you should always trim it well for a great impact! If threading seems too painful to you, you can always try to shave your facial hair.