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Who We Are



Australian made, Australian owned.

Australia has a great reputation for being a clean environment with incredibly high health and safety standards. As an Australian based company, we have curated a complete collection of pure natural mineral and organic Cosmetic products, our products are health risk free, clean and safe for human use and also Certified Halal Authority of Australia.

Halal Certified.

Odara Cosmetics is created in accordance with values and manufacturing processes that are permissible to people who follow the Islamic religion and desire Halal makeup.

All products of Odara Cosmetics Australia are made by 100% pure natural mineral and organic products. Our products are:

• Australian Made
• Mineral oil Free
• Gluten Free
• Paraben Free
• Petrochemical Free
• No Animal testing
• Fragrance-free
• No Nano particles & Talc
• Free from Alcohol & Animal Products
• Nature minerals and ingredients from natural plants
• Halal Certified

Makeup for everyone. Simple.

We are the one of the first Australian companies that place tremendous care into creating cosmetics for customers with darker skin tones that are typically overlooked by cosmetic industry leaders. We ensure our products work for Light, Tan, Dark and Deep Dark skin tones without leaving an ashy undertone.